Tech Veteran Tracy Saville Joins Aurelius Data Advisory Board

Dec. 9, 2020        

Missoula, MTAurelius Data, the first global patient perception big data company in plant-based medicines, is pleased to announce 30-year technology veteran Tracy Saville is the newest member of the Aurelius Data Advisory Board. 

“Tracy Saville has spent her career building and scaling companies that are save-the-planet solutions and we are so honored that she looks at Aurelius Data in that same light. She shares our same view that everyone should have equitable access to the best available data in order to understand how traditional medications interact with plant medicines, to achieve the highest quality of care,” said Aurelius Data CEO Julie Armstrong.

“Aurelius Data is at the forefront of health tech, and functional natural medicines. Julie and her team have built dynamic technology that will change how healthcare is accessed, communicated, and administered, especially in this ever-changing healthcare landscape that is being dictated by COVID-19.  Aurelius Data is a company to watch and I am thrilled to be a part of their work,” said Tracy Saville.

Saville has spent her career as a hands-on executive of technology, supply chain-based companies and critical infrastructures. She is a community  builder and emerging sector innovator, senior advisor to founders and investors, with deep contextual  expertise in platforms, climate, and clean energy technology, as well as energy generation and distribution. Saville has also worked in the construction and building material industries, hemp and Big Agriculture in organic medicine and food production, and in building and scaling large industrial infrastructure projects.  Her core expertise is building high-value technology and supply chain companies from vision through to developed-infrastructure and high-performance operations in emerging, uncertain, complex conditions.

Most recently, Saville served as the co-founder/founding CEO (and shareholder) in Silver Lion Farms, among the largest vertically integrated hemp production supply chain companies in North America (helped take this company from zero to $405m pre-revenue in one year). She is currently developing a platform to fund and accelerate the scaling of leap-frogging technology and supply chains to deliver 100X impacts to reduce greenhouse gasses from the air, clean-up our critical lands, create sustainable food production, and clean our water and rivers systems under a ten-year project called The Omega Project, launching in January 2021. 

She has successfully led or founded multiple public and private organizations and companies for over 30 years, integrating expertise from financial and C-Suite executive management roles at the highest level of state government and in start-ups and private enterprise. Saville has served as an appointee in California and has proven public and private track record relationships of influence in finance, government, and industry in California and Nevada.

She has raised/structured over $500m in public and private financing and capital, managed assets and risk of over $2B, helped generate more than $1.5B in home mortgages, saved hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and costs for California’s industry and government, and generated more than $250M in revenue in the building industry and energy sectors in California. 


Aurelius Data, Inc is a patient use and perception focused big data company. We deliver insights from analyzing the intersection of science, user perception, product use, chemical analysis, and the users’ reported medical condition and symptom resolution. Our mission is to put the patient first, by increasing confidence and understanding, drive product development, boost customer retention, reveal cutting edge IP discoveries, and provide immediate, tangible value to every user.  

Our anonymously gathered data follows HIPAA compliance and immediately benefits the user through a continuous feedback loop of user input, product recommendations and community connection. Our vision is to go beyond the strain and create a reliable product use and efficacy reference for cannabis users.   

Contact: Gretchen Gailey, Media & PR Advisor, Aurelius Data, 202.489.3821