Aurelius Data Commends its Fellow Montana Voters on Legalizing Cannabis Legalization Opens the Door for Veterans Medical Marijuana Treatments

November 4, 2020        

Missoula, MTAurelius Data, the first patient use, risk and safety focused big data company for plant-based medicines, commends the voters in its home state of Montana for passing Ballot Issue CI-118 and Ballot Issue I-190 which provide for a taxing structure and to allow adults 21 and older to use, possess cannabis. 

“At Aurelius Data it is imperative to us that all consumers in need will be able to have access to the alternative treatments that they choose for better wellness, and although Montana did have a medical cannabis law on the books, a crucial population was not able to access it – our veterans. 

Ironically, our veterans are specialists who were trained to use firearms to defend our country, but under the current Montana laws, are unable to legally own a firearm and hold a medical marijuana card. Now, with the passing of the new law, the restrictions that prevented veterans from accessing a treatment known to effectively treat PTSD, are gone. Our veterans deserve access to a choice for treatment other than opioids for pain, tranquilizers for sleep, and long-term antidepressants for depression,” said Aurelius Data CEO Julie Armstrong.

Ballot Issue CI 118:

    • Amends the Montana Constitution to allow the establishment of the minimum age of 21 for legal possession, use and purchase of cannabis.

Ballot Issue I-190:

    • Legalizes possession and use of cannabis by adults 21 and older.
    • Requires the Department of Revenue to develop rules regulating cannabis businesses.
    • Imposes a 20 percent tax on cannabis sales.
    • Allows people with cannabis-related convictions to be re-sentenced or have their crimes expunged. 


Aurelius Data, Inc is a patient use and perception focused big data company. We deliver insights from analyzing the intersection of science, user perception, product use, chemical analysis, and the users’ reported medical condition and symptom resolution. Our mission is to put the patient first, by increasing confidence and understanding, drive product development, boost customer retention, reveal cutting edge IP discoveries, and provide immediate, tangible value to every user.  

Our anonymously gathered data follows HIPAA compliance and immediately benefits the user through a continuous feedback loop of user input, product recommendations and community connection. Our vision is to go beyond the strain and create a reliable product use and efficacy reference for cannabis users.   

Contact: Gretchen Gailey, Media & PR Advisor, Aurelius Data, 202.489.3821