iCan Founder Saul Kaye Joins Aurelius Data
Advisory Board

June 9, 2020                                                                                                                                                           

Missoula, MTAurelius Data, the first global patient perception big data company in plant-based medicines, is pleased to announce iCan Founder and Cannabis Influencer, Saul Kaye is the newest member of the Aurelius Data Advisory Board.

“Saul has been at the forefront of the cannabis industry for the past several years advancing medical cannabis research and building upon years of Israeli ingenuity. Aurelius Data could not be prouder to working with such an industry titian who can provide valuable feedback on the work we are doing to better understand how plant-medicines interact with traditional pharmaceuticals,” said Aurelius Data CEO Julie Armstrong.

“Aurelius Data is headed into uncharted waters, using patient perception data to mitigate side effects, find new IP and eventually cures for diseases that plague so many. I am proud to be a part of the team and looking forward to help build a platform that gives patients access to better health,” said iCan Founder Saul Kaye.

Kaye has worked in the cannabis industry for the past five years and enjoyed watching the industry develop from its infancy. He began his career over 20 years ago as a retail pharmacist. Today, he manages multiple retail and online pharmacy stores with global distribution and has founded and operated several other businesses. In 2015, he founded iCAN: israel-cannabis.com with the vision to build and develop the cannabis ecosystem in Israel. With a team of 11 strong they are fulfilling the iCAN mission to be a globally recognized Israeli company focused on the medical cannabis industry, investing in, and accelerating early-stage cannabis technologies. Kaye has created a portfolio of brands that are transforming the global cannabis economy and ecosystem, like CannaTech. Well known in the industry as one of our earliest and stand-out brands; CannaTech is a superior cannabis conference experience described as “the Davos of cannabis conferences.” He also currently runs: Israpharm, ILS and the SUBS HUB.


Aurelius Data, Inc is a patient use and perception focused big data company. We deliver insights from analyzing the intersection of science, user perception, product use, chemical analysis, and the users’ reported medical condition and symptom resolution. Our mission is to put the patient first, by increasing confidence and understanding, drive product development, boost customer retention, reveal cutting edge IP discoveries, and provide immediate, tangible value to every user. 

Our anonymously gathered data follows HIPPA compliance and immediately benefits the user through a continuous feedback loop of user input, product recommendations and community connection. Our vision is to go beyond the strain and create a reliable product use and efficacy reference for cannabis users.  

Contact: Gretchen Gailey, Media & PR Advisor, Aurelius Data MediaInquiries@aureliusdata.com, 202.489.3821