meet the advisory board

Lars Nilsson
CEO /SalesSource

Special Advisor to True Ventures

VP of Global Inside Sales for Cloudera; Developed the sales methodology for Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD), Veteran of 3 IPOs,ArcSight/HP, Riverbed Technology & Portal Software.

Max Baucus
Former U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China (2017), U.S. Senator (36 years - Montana)

While in the Senate, Ambassador Baucus was Chairman and Ranking Member of the powerful Senate Committee on Finance. While Chairman, he was the chief architect of the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) which was signed by President Barack Obama into law March 23, 2009. His extensive relationships and experience will serve Aurelius well in both the healthcare and international trade markets. Ambassador Baucus earned a bachelor’s and law degree from Stanford University.

Krish Kumar
CRO / Brightedge

Chief Operations and Revenue Officer at BrightEdge;Head of Business at X, The Moonshot Factory; and Global Head of Enterprise Search at Google.

dr. Mike Kavanaugh
Director of the McLaughlin Research Institute

Director of the McLaughlin Research Institute for Biomedical Sciences and
Professor at the Center for Structural Functional Neuroscience, University of Montana.His work and research includes a drug for Alzheimers Disease and investigation of the neuroprotective qualities of plant-based treatments.

Tony Perkins
President and Owner Cryptonite Ventures

Visionary Silicon Valley Operator.Owner of Silicon Valley Today, Alchemist, Red Herring Magazine, and AlwaysOn.Silicon Valley founder & Blockchain Revolutionary.
Founder of The Churchill Club, and the Silicon Valley Bank Tech Group.

Jeff Wright
President and Founder of Montana Outdoors Foundation

President and Founder of Montana Outdoors Foundation, and RecCon Montana, a premier outdoor recreation conference.
Music Producer, Grammy Winner, Stood up leading market for Apple Retail Stores, while achieving the Highest Customer & Employee Loyalty metrics organization-wide for consecutive years.
Led corporate business development initiatives for Incite, a disruptive technology company and design studio with a client roster of global brands.