Aurelius Data is the first global big data company using Deep Learning to analyze, predict, and find new cures, market trends, and IP in plant-based medicine markets.

Our Data Ecosystem will combine the patients’ use and satisfaction responses to create data points which are coupled with the full chemical compound analysis of the administered product.  No one else has made this leap from one dimensional ERP, POS or strain identification systems. 

Subscribers will be provided with new and valuable consumer use data, market intelligence and analysis for manufacturers, dispensaries, and cultivators.   Our data sets will advance the research of human and pet pharmaceutical companies, clinicians, doctors, and the food and beverage industries, helping them go beyond the strain.

Why Aurelius Data?

Aurelius Data has created a real-world data healthcare information platform to effortlessly collect, analyze, enable risk mitigation, and treatment insights for plant-based alternative therapies through patients use and perception data. Founded in 2019 by veterans of the Tech, Pharmaceutical, Data, and CPG industries, we generate actionable insights, identify contraindications, and improve overall health outcomes. We are advancing the inevitable future of plant-based medicines.

Join Us

Whether you are a patient, adult-use consumer, a caregiver, a dispensary, cultivator, or manufacturer, we want you to partner with us to advance the legitimacy of plant medicines. Patients deserve a deeper knowledge of their medicine, and as a retailer or supplier, you should want to build that trust.

Science is a method of exclusion. Exclude what doesn’t work, and you’re left with reliable, repeatable answers. By gathering and sharing data, we will create real research solutions for the alternative medicines market.

Our lab analysis, deep learning, AI, and federated learning systems work in conjunction to create refined insights, creating the connection from consumer to compound, compound to condition, and condition to cure.

Collaboration is key. We would like you to reach out to us here, or at, to help us with our research initiatives and go beyond the strain.